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Think Like a Buyer

Viewings are incredibly important and frequently seal the deal. We have put together this simple checklist to help you get your home ready for when potential buyers walk through the door.

Some of it is obvious advice, but you would be amazed at the things people notice when they look around a property, so it may help you to ‘think like a buyer’.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

The first thing that potential buyers see when they enquire about a particular property is the ‘property details’ and based on this most people decide whether or not to arrange a viewing. This is a bespoke, high-spec brochure designed to really sell your house.

Top Tips

Prepare for Viewings

Stand outside your property and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, or ‘think like a buyer’. Be self-critical and decide if there is anything you can do to improve the kerbside appeal.

Keep the approach to the front door clear from clutter and welcoming. Check the garden is presentable, and in the winter, make sure paths or steps are clear of snow and ice. If the viewing is after dark, think about the lighting and make sure your house number or name can be seen clearly so your potential buyer can find you.

If you have a doorbell, make sure it works and keep the porch or hall light on. Once indoors, check that everywhere is tidy, warm and inviting. These are all small things but it’s really important to create a good first impression.

A full redecoration is really not necessary, but do give your place the once-over and attend to jobs that might let your property down such as broken sash cords, missing doorknobs, dripping taps, exposed wiring etc. A small outlay at this stage will be money well spent. Replace any light bulbs, thoroughly clean and tidy every room (including the windows!) and you are ready to receive viewings.

Kitchens and Bathrooms Sell Houses

This really is true so pay particular attention to these rooms. Put away as many of your items as possible so your potential buyers see clutter-free surfaces. Taps covered in limescale, a stained bath and grubby, cluttered worktops do not create a good impression, so get your marigolds on and clean, scrub and polish until these rooms look shiny and inviting!

Declutter and Recycle

Everybody needs plenty of storage space so maximise what you have. Clear out your attics, make sure cupboards are tidy and organised, recycle anything you no longer need or want and generally have a good sort-out. Buyers will be able to imagine their own belongings fitting nicely into your home and it will be one less thing to do when you do move on.

We take amazing photographs, we are honest and we will shout loudly about your home’s best bits. Give your property the very best chance of selling by doing some background preparation for your photographs to inspire potential buyers to arrange a viewing.

Fatal Distraction

Potential buyers may feel like they are intruding, so minimise the amount of people in the house when you have viewings. Let them look around at their own pace and once they are happy with the layout give them the option to explore on their own. They will have a lot to think about and discuss, so offer to answer questions once they have had a good look round.

Your cat or dog might be your best friend, and your children are your pride and joy, but do keep any pets or children quiet, or out of the house when you have viewings if you can. Let your potential buyers see your property without any distractions. Turn your music off too! If you would like further advice, please speak to one of our team who will be happy to help.